TrannySurprise: Maid Troubles (Laura Andrade, Kadu Olivier)


Data Released: Mar 22, 2017 (TrannySurprise: Maid Troubles: Laura Andrade, Kadu Olivier)

Kadu had grown weary of his wife constantly nagging him to do house chores. He decided to cut some corners and call for a maid to help out around the house. So, thinking like any man would, he called a sexy maid company he saw an advertisement for. When the maid arrived he was taken aback on how hot she was. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her, eventually his hands couldn’t stay away either. One thing lead to another and now she was cleaning his pipes instead. The booty was so good Kadu kept going even after his wife caught them in the act.

TrannySurprise: Study Break (Victoria Carvalho, Yago Ribeiro)


Data Released: Mar 9, 2017 (TrannySurprise: Study Break: Victoria Carvalho, Yago Ribeiro)

Victoria is a 22 year old college hottie. She was in the middle of studying when Yago came to her room to bug just like all step-brothers do. Needing a break from studying, Victoria figures that the best way to do that would be to cause some mischief. She sneaks in to the bathroom where Yago is about to shower and start to go down on him. …

TrannySurprise: Bubbly Butt (Lourranny Kelly, Claudio)


Data Released: Feb 15, 2017 (TrannySurprise: Bubbly Butt: Lourranny Kelly, Claudio)

I’m on my way to get a drink and I spot a hot chick Lourranny Kelly looking incredible. She’s on her way to the library dressed in a sexy schoolgirls outfit. So as I pass by her, she falls and hurts her knee. This was the perfect time to help her out and get some cool points with her. After talking to her, I explain to her that the library is closed and that she can come to my house and study there. So we back to my place and things start to get a little spicy. Sooner rather than later I have my cock halfway down her throat and she’s sucking it like there’s no tomorrow!

TrannySurprise: Sexy Jogger (Danyelle Carvalho, Yago Ribeiro)


Data Released: Jan 15, 2017 (TrannySurprise: Sexy Jogger: Danyelle Carvalho, Yago Ribeiro)

Yago was out to get some pussy and when he spotted a fit chick jogging by herself, he went in for a closer look. He followed her for a few blocks filming her booty with his phone. Yago was eventually busted and after the pleasantries, Danyelle invited him back to her place. Yago soon found out that she was a chick with a dick. he stroked her cock and then fucked her tight little asshole before blasting his jizz on her perky tits.

TrannySurprise: Massaging Natalia (Natalia Castro, Paulo)


Data Released: Jan 5, 2017 (TrannySurprise: Massaging Natalia: Natalia Castro, Paulo)

Natalia had always lived the luxurious life and she loved indulging herself once in a while so she ordered a private masseur to pass by and give her a nice rub down. After the masseur arrives, NataliaCastro gets completely naked and wraps herself in a towel and lies down. Paolo quite curious sees a slight bulge under the towel. By this time Natalaia is fast asleep, so he decides to raise the towel and see what it is. It’s the biggest surprise Paolo had ever seen and he loved it! Soon enough Paolo starts jerking it and Natalia awakes to the perfect massage.

TsSeduction: Sofia Sanders, Pierce Paris


Data Released: Jul 12, 2017 (TsSeduction: Sofia Sanders, Pierce Paris)

Stunning TS Goddess Sofia Sanders Fucks and Fists a Hung Muscled Stud!
Even the most seasoned of performers can get nervous. When the jitters come, some people reach for a drink or maybe take some deep breaths but for the tall TS goddess Sofia Sanders there is only one thing that can help her relax: FUCKING! …

TsSeduction: Hot TS Summer Sex Parties (Bareback)


Data Released: July 4, 2017 (TsSeduction: Hot TS Summer Sex Parties)

Featuring: Jessy Dubai, Jessie Parker, Lance Hart, Jessica Fox, Honey FoXXX, Sebastian Keys, Yasmin Lee, Marcus Ruhl, Robert Axel, Tom Faulk, Delia DeLions, Siouxsie Q, Venus Lux, DJ, Danielle Foxx.
TsSeduction is proud to present The Best of Hot TS Summer Sex Parties. These are the absolute Hottest Ts Group Sex Scenes presented for your dirty viewing desires. Yasmin Lee, Jessy Dubai, Venus Lux, Honey FoXXX, Jessica Fox, & Delia Delions are all here to group fuck in the hot summer nights. That’s 6 Hot, Huge, Ts Cocks deep fucking and shooting their sexy thick loads for you. …

TsSeduction: Stefani Special Doms And Fucks Dj, Her Willing Handcuffed Slave (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 27, 2017 (TsSeduction: Stefani Special Doms And Fucks Dj, Her Willing Handcuffed Slave)

Stefani Special is a tall, slender brunette who knows exactly how to get what she wants out of men…by feeding them and fucking them with her delicious cock! Today her subject is DJ, an always-willing slave who enjoys the punishment she handily doles out. Stefani cuts right to the chase, commanding DJ to verbally submit while maintaining his position in restrictive handcuffs. …

TsSeduction: TS Dominatrix Jesse Fucks and Punishes a Submissive Man AND a TS Man! (Corbin Dallas, James Darling, Jesse)


Data Released: Jun 20, 2017 (TsSeduction: TS Dominatrix Jesse Fucks and Punishes a Submissive Man AND a TS Man!: Corbin Dallas, James Darling, Jesse)

Sometimes one just isn’t enough. TS Dominatrix extraordinaire Jesse woke up and was hungry for some young, hot, and athletic submissives to worship her heavenly form. Lucky for her James Darling and Corbin Dallas want to book an appointment to serve Jesse for the same day and at the same time. Unbeknownst to the two pathetic little subs they are about to be fucked and sucked with a rough sex ride that will leave them breathless for weeks. …

TsSeduction: TS Mistress Korra Del Rio Dominates a Douchebag (Korra Del Rio, Will Havoc) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 13, 2017 (TsSeduction: TS Mistress Korra Del Rio Dominates a Douchebag: Korra Del Rio, Will Havoc)

We’d like to welcome for the first time on, the beautiful Korra Del Rio to TS Seduction. Mistress Korra Del Rio waits patiently like a spider on her web, bored in her dark dank Las Vegas dungeon where she stands idly in great contrast to it, wearing a see-thru white lacy dress with matching white panties and thigh-high stockings wrapped around long luscious legs. Meanwhile, fresh off of the Las Vegas strip, and into Korra’s web of seduction, a boisterous and boastful Will Havoc struts in, wearing pink nut-hugger shorts and sunglasses. …


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